Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Education Week's coverage of Obama's victory, "Obama Elected 44th President", emphasizes the difficulties in making Education a priority during the first Obama administration.

Making education a priority in this environment will be challenging, but it is essential - Education is THE economic development AND civil rights issue of the 21st century. Short-term economic stimulus is needed, but education investment is the most important long-term stimulus, and a an advanced society must spend an ever-larger share of its income on education, as other things become relatively less expensive. A few ways we can begin to save or at least rationalize to get more out of the money we spend: National standards, and national assessments; shift policy and spending to focus on outcomes instead of process (e.g., high school completion defined by achievement instead of seat time), research spending focused on technology-based innovations in teaching and learning, where economies of scale can have some effect.


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